Permanent Categories for Discourse

Since we aspire to have lots of people entering this forum, I propose that we divide these conversations into permanent categories so that newcomers are not overwhelmed by a uniform and gargantuan walls of posts. Here are the ones I thought of.

Member Introductions
Interfaith Activity
Volunteer/Nonprofit Collaborations
On-Campus Core Activities
Other Club Activities (social events, discussion nights, etc.)
Bahai Resources (e.g. passages, quotes, letters, podcasts etc.)
Non-Bahai Resources (e.g. TED Talks, Articles, books)
Conscious Conversations (e.g. internet culture, chastity, science and technology, etc.) (*should be cautious about this one. The standards should be really clear here.)
ISGP (stories, experience, news etc.)
Miscellaneous (memes, music, Netflix, books, put it all here)

Please let me know if anything should be added, removed, or revised. We can implement this change by the end of the year.

Justin Ting

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Dear Justin,

Maybe a topic for Club histories? Thanks for setting all this up! It looks great.


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This list here is the old list, which we decided to truncate to what we see now. For now I think the Activities tab is a good place to share what you’ve been up to, but we’ll consider having a category to log all histories.