George Mason University Contacts

Starting this thread for students of the Baha’i Club of George Mason University in North Virginia. When other members of our Club join Discourse, I’ll ask them to add their intro and contact to this thread, so we can be reached for networking.

Ron Lapitan’s intro: Formerly founder and president of the GMU Baha’i Club, I now represent the Club on the school’s Campus Ministries Association, a coalition of rabbis, priests, pastors, and imams representing the congregations in the wider community connected to the student religious groups (in our case the LSA that supports the Club), who dialogue with the university about improving religious life on campus. On my free time, I like to draw comics. My first, The Earth is One Country, follows characters of different religions who go on an adventure and learn how much the same their values are. My current project, “Ron’s Baha’i Comics,” is a webcomic on Webtoon, a popular platform amongst people our junior youths’ age. When not drawing, I animate 3 junior youth groups, named Team Vargha, Youth Stars, and Young Artist Thinkers.


(Image: The Earth is One Country in a library with the comics and manga.)